Our Company

U.S. Home Health Care, Inc. is a home health agency based in Chicago, Illinois. Our specialization is in providing home-based care to clients who have been diagnosed with chronic illness or disabilities that limit their quality of life. We also attend to the health management needs of those who are elderly or in hospice situations. Regardless what health challenge your family may be facing, we are ready to take on those health care tasks.

Having years of experience under our belts, we are confident that we can achieve your optimum health at home. Also, since U.S. Home Health Care, Inc. provides home-based care, there is little or no travel involved on your part. You no longer need to repeatedly visit the hospital or the medical care facility just to access the health services you require. Those health services will be brought straight to where you live.

We provide quality home health care and we provide it to ALL those who need it. Our Non-Discrimination Policy:

U.S. Home Health Care, Inc. promotes equality in providing services and employment. In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as a company, we shall not exhibit unlawful discrimination against any person on the grounds of gender, color, national origin, religion, race, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

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